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Welcome to my space. My name is Aleksandra. I am a photographer, filmmaker and content creator. I am also a dog mum and I love to explore the world. Especially the wilderness. With my dogs by my side.

In love with forests and wilderness


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Catching the sunset

It’s not spring yet, but the days are getting longer. Even though it’s still cold, when I have time I go for a long walk to get more sunshine. And a longer walk means stopping to take in the view, drink a coffee, sketch, and play with my dogs. It will be a few months before I travel again. These ordinary walks help me through the time of year I call hibernation. It’s a different story for my dogs. For them, every walk, every trip, every play, even in the garden, but with me, is a whole world. And… Continue reading Catching the sunset

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Travel – Southern Poland

Island Beskids – mountain range in Poland

Let me tell you about one of the most beautiful regions in Poland. The Island Beskids. The Island Beskids is a mountain range in southern Poland and is part of the larger Beskids mountain range, which stretches across several Central and Eastern European countries. The Island Beskids are so called because they are surrounded by… Continue reading Island Beskids – mountain range in Poland

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