How do you feel about donuts?

How do you feel about donuts? - Fat Thursday 16 Feb 2023

Do you like donuts? Do you eat them regularly? In Poland there is a day in February called Fat Thursday (the last Thursday before Lent). Every year on this day, people eat doughnuts without worrying about their sugar intake.

This is a big celebration and involves eating large quantities of sweet fried pastries called “faworki” or “chrust” (the latter means brushwood in English) and donuts. These are fried and sprinkled with icing sugar. Donuts are also filled with jam, cream or chocolate. You can agree. That’s a lot of sugar.

So the older I get, the fewer doughnuts I eat on Fat Thursday. This year I only had one. Simply because I had enough sugar after eating that one donut. I eat sugar in very small amounts and only in some ready-made products (like jam, I use a little from time to time). So today my body was overwhelmed. And I am not sure if I will celebrate Fat Thursday next year.

And the first reason is not sugar, even though it has played the key role in my illness today. I was just listening to Dr Eric Berg when he talked about the most dangerous food in the world. In first place? Any food in which starch and fat or carbohydrates and protein are mixed and cooked at high heat. This creates advanced glycation end products that affect your eyes, brain, heart and kidneys. Examples of such foods: French fries, donuts, chrust. You can listen Dr Eric Berg here -> The #1 Most Dangerous Food in the World – Dr Eric Berg DC (you will learn about other dangerous food too)

Will I miss eating donuts? Probably not. Will the donut industry notice that one person stopped buying donuts on Fat Thursday? No.

Fat Thursday has a long tradition and people love it. It is one of the busiest days of the year for bakers and confectioners, who work hard to meet the demand for donuts (“chrust” is more often made at home). Many bakeries and pastry shops open early in the morning to sell their freshly made donuts, and people often line up to buy them. Yes! This is what Fat Thursday looks like in Poland.

And I know one donut is no big deal. If you love donuts, that’s okay. I have decided to make some changes to my lifestyle, including my diet. And that means I no longer see the benefits of eating donuts. I am listening more and more to the science behind eating habits these days. I have some thoughts about it and I will share them here on my blog. Also, when I introduce something into my life, I will share my experiences. (This will not be the only topic on this blog. I do not want to limit myself to one area. I am a photographer. I am a creator. I am a dog mum. I love to explore the world. If you are interested in lifestyle in general, stay tuned!).

If you want to know more about the human body, eating habits, what we can do to improve our quality of life, check out :

See you in the next post!

Aleksandra Ewa C.

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