The art of doing what you love

The art of doing what you love

What is the art of doing what you love? Doing things that are impractical? Finding the meaning of life? I decided to do some research and here is a summary of what I have found.

The phrase “the art of doing what you love” suggests that pursuing one’s passions or interests is not just a matter of practicality or efficiency, but rather an artistic or creative endeavour. It implies that there is an ability to find and engage in the activities that bring a person the most joy and fulfilment.

The ‘art’ of doing what you love suggests that it involves a degree of creativity, experimentation and self-expression. It is not just about finding a career that pays well or is socially prestigious, but rather about finding ways to incorporate one’s unique talents, interests and values into one’s work or leisure activities. It may involve taking risks, challenging oneself and pursuing personal growth and development.

Ultimately, the art of doing what you love is about living a life that feels meaningful and purposeful, where one’s passions and talents are fully utilised. It is about finding the sweet spot between what you love to do and what the world needs, and creating a life that is both personally fulfilling and socially beneficial.

I have to admit that finding that sweet spot is no easy task. I try to find it every day. As an artistic person, I do some things for a living (photography, filming, content creation) and some things just for fun (drawing, painting, but also photography and filming). Is this my sweet spot? Some days I think it is. Some days I am not sure.

Life is full of many things. It gets faster and faster. Sometimes my goal is to slow it down so I can relax. When I relax I can draw, paint and listen to beautiful music. I think that could be the key to the art of doing what we love – slowing down. And that in itself is a huge subject. Maybe for a future post 🙂

You can watch the whole process of making this watercolour on my YouTube channel.

Making watercolour art + mini playlist for drawing, painting, creative flow – YouTube channel / @aleksandraewac

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