Catching the sunset

Catching the sunset - by the lake with my dogs
Catching the sunset – by the lake

It’s not spring yet, but the days are getting longer. Even though it’s still cold, when I have time I go for a long walk to get more sunshine. And a longer walk means stopping to take in the view, drink a coffee, sketch, and play with my dogs.

It will be a few months before I travel again. These ordinary walks help me through the time of year I call hibernation. It’s a different story for my dogs. For them, every walk, every trip, every play, even in the garden, but with me, is a whole world. And they love it all.

I like to take them to places where they can run free. Off the leash. Of course it has to be a safe place for them. I love watching them run and play together. And if I can enjoy my coffee outdoors, take some photos, maybe even sketch, then it’s the perfect walk (or trip).

An absolute bonus is to catch a sunset. It happened on this walk. Unfortunately, I was mainly concentrating on making a video. As a result, I got a sunset in all its glory on video, not in photos. But I am not sad about that. I can catch the sunset next time.

What I did get on video was amazing. A full solar flare. I had to change the lens from the 50 mm which I use for most shots to the 70-200 mm. The moments when you catch the beauty of nature are the ones that make you feel grateful. For being alive, for seeing such beautiful things. For me, nature is the greatest artist in the universe.

If you want to see the beauty of the sun that I captured, check out my YouTube video. You can find it at the bottom of this post.

If you want to see the whole Catching The Sunset’s walk, check out my YouTube video.

Catching the sunset with my dogs vlog

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